Scrap Metal Houston, TX

Many residents of Houston, Texas care deeply about the environment and regularly recycle using blue recycling bins graciously supplied by the city of Houston. With so many options for recycling glass, plastic, and paper, seemingly all of the everyday items a resident of Houston goes through are covered, but what about metal?

Southern Core Recycling has been processing scrap metal in Houston, TX since 1989. Recycling scrap metal in Houston, TX through Southern Core Recycling, doesn’t just benefit society, it benefits the individual too. Southern Core Recycling pays cash per pound of scrap metal, and tries its best to maintain competitive pricing for each pound it buys.

Founded by Becky Proler and Carol walker, Southern Core Recycling has become a full service scrap yard, focusing mainly on cast and aluminum along with ferrous and nonferrous materials.

Ferrous metals are the most recycled metals in the world and are mostly comprised of a combination of iron and carbon. Examples of ferrous metals include everything from tin, to cars and trucks, to steel and motors. As the premiere destination for scrap metal in Houston, TX, Southern Core Recycling can even recycle ferrous materials like aluminum motors and forklifts.

Should Houston residents want to scrap Non-Ferrous metals, Southern Core Recycling offers that too. Mon-ferrous metals are any metals, unlike ferrous metals, that do not have substantial amounts of iron. Metals like copper, brass, aluminum and lead can all be bought or sold as scrap metal in Houston, TX through Southern Core recycling.

For those sellers looking to sell metals that are not ferrous or non-ferrous, Southern Core recycling offers electronic scrap metals in Houston, TX, too. Materials like computers, laptops, laptop batteries, cell phones, computer boards, hard drives, and more.

Southern core recycling knows that service is everything. That’s why they offer sellers the option to schedule a free pick up of larger scrap metal in Houston, TX that is too large or big to move without help. Should you need your scrap metal taken away in a shipping container or truck, Southern Core Recycling promises to be nothing but fair.

They'll weigh your scrap metal in Houston, TX using one of five certified scales or one of two truck scales that have the ability to weigh large truckloads should it be necessary.

Scrap Metal Recycling in Houston, TX should be done with the utmost care and responsibility. That's why Southern Core Recycling dedicates itself to running a scrap yard that abides by city, state and EPA environmental regulations. Because anyone buying and selling scrap metal in Houston, TX should be concerned with how its done and how to do it right.

The scrap metal Southern Core Recycling offers in Houston, TX has been resold and reused around the world. This scrap metal from Houston, TX is the product of state of the art equipment, and experienced staff, but most importantly it’s the product of concerned citizens taking it upon themselves to recycle and profit from their ferrous, non-ferrous, and electronic scrap metals.