Houston's Best Scrap Metal Facility

When deciding on which scrap metal facility is the best one for you and your recycled metal, every seller should look for a scrap yard that has experience, an environmentally friendly business and also gives you the most money possible. Pursuant to those standards, Southern Core Recycling is Houston’s best scrap metal facility.

Southern Core Recycling has been Houston’s best scrap metal facility since it opened in 1989. For 25 years, Sothern Core Recycling has grown into a full service scrap yard, recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metal, as well as various electronics like computers, hard drives and laptops. By steadily building a client base that stretches around the globe, Southern Core Recycling has built its business on hard work, state of the art equipment, and experience.

As a company, Southern Core Recycling has become Houston’s best scrap metal facility because it believes in service, and in evolution.

The facility offers cash per each pound of metal, with fair rates comparable to anyone in the Houston, Texas area. Southern Core Recycling also offers free pick ups of large loads of scrap metal, that are too cumbersome to move alone. Tapping into its small fleet of trucks, Southern Core Recycling will schedule a pick up of your scrap metal, weigh it at their facility using state of the art scales, and give you the cash you deserve and you don’t even have to leave your doorstep.

As companies grow and change, so must the tools that the company uses. After years of moving along with the industry, Southern Core Recycling decided, in 2008, to leap ahead of the pack and purchased a state of the art super crusher enabling them to produce three times as much recycled metal in the process.

By 2012, Southern Core Recycling, obtained a high quality, and environmentally sound aluminum shredder, which now supplies a wide variety of aluminum smelters across the globe. And now today, they are still striving to use new equipment and techniques to maintain their reputation as Houston’s best scrap metal facility.

With over 25 years experience in the scrap metal business Southern Core Recycling knows that its Houston’s best scrap metal facility in part because of its longevity. Using highly skilled engineers and technicians, Southern Core Recycling makes sure that all of the equipment it uses is in top working order and is good to go day in and day out.

This equipment isn’t just state of the art, but environmentally friendly. As Houston’s best scrap metal facility, Southern Core Recycling has been the first such facility in the Houston area to adopt any and all new environmentally regulations that apply to the company. Whether it’s the city, state, or the federal government, Southern Core Recycling center’s facilities are up to date and are environmentally sound.

So whether you are a seller trying to get the most for your scrap metal, or a buyer trying to get good clean recycled scrap metal, look no further than Houston’s best scrap metal facility, Southern Core Recycling.