Clean Auto Cast

As the seas rise around the edges of the earth’s continents, and more and more people become aware of their individual impact on the environment, many start to wonder what they themselves can do to help. Cutting down on your carbon footprint by conserving water, walking more (and driving less) and recycling are all good places to start.

However, though city municipalities often offer recycling for plastics, paper and glass, they don’t often provide processing for sturdier materials like metal. Southern Core Recycling, located in the heart of Houston, Texas, provides industrial level recycling for corporations and private consumers looking to recycle materials too big and too strong for a city’s municipal waste circulation.

Unused and deteriorating auto vehicles are a blight that many leave on their properties because they simply don’t know what to do with them. However Southern Core Recycling wants you to know that your vehicle has value even when it’s not running. Southern Core Recycling offers Clean Auto Cast recycling, allowing for the recycling of automobile engines.

When an automobile motor is stripped of extraneous parts, what’s left is the clean aterial underneath. This Clean Auto Cast allows Southern Core Recycling, in Houston, TX to break that down even further and sell the cast iron back as a usable material for you and your business. Southern Core Recycling is a nation wide leader of clean cast recycling, with over 50 years of experience in Clean Auto Cast recycling.

Automobile motors with aluminum heads or those made with cast iron, can be valuable. Southern Core Recycling offers competitive prices, up to 13 dollars for every 100 pounds of scrap metal, depending on the material of the motor. Whether the motor is stripped or a Clean Auto Cast, Southern Cast Recycling can crush the material and reuse it for another consumer’s benefit.

Southern Core Recycling processes a variety of metals from aluminum, to titanium to scrap metal, and sells the broken down material back to consumers by the pound using a high quality digital scale system so you know that you are getting your fair share for your Clean Auto Cast and engine parts.

You, as the consumer, will also feel good selling your Clean Auto Cast to Southern Core Recycling because you will be helping the environment in the process. Southern Core Recycling will take your Clean Auto Cast, process it and sell it back by the pound to the communities of Houston, who will go on and use your processed Clean Auto Cast for new applications.

Southern Core Recycling not only provides much-needed Clean Auto Cast recycling services for the Houston Area, but they do so in the quickest, greenest way possible, using the most energy efficient and cutting edge equipment available. Because Southern Core Recycling knows that if you are worried about your carbon footprint, they need to be worried about theirs too.

If you or someone you know is in need of Clean Auto Cast recycling in the Houston Area, look no further than Southern Core Recycling.