Auto Cast Supplier in Texas

The face of Texas is paved from end to end with a series of sprawling highway systems from Lubbock to El Paso and back again. The city of Houston reflects the vastness of Texas and the reach of the highway systems, by being so spread out that it’s almost impossible to live there without a car of your own.

With more cars often comes more waste, as owners keep on replacing their old cars with newer models as they continue their life in the sprawl. For the more environmentally concerned Houstonians, this leads the to the obvious question: what is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of an unused vehicle?

Located in Houston, Texas, Southern Core Recycling has staked its reputation on offering the highest quality recycled materials in the Houston metropolitan area. Using state of the art technology Southern Core Recycling will take your used automobile motor, strip it of extraneous parts, and expose the clean auto cast underneath.

By buying and stripping your vehicle’s engine, Southern Core Recycling can then use the most fundamental and useful materials from your engine. This process makes Southern Core Recycling the leading Auto Cast Supplier in Texas. Southern Core Recycling pays up to 13 dollars per 100 pounds depending on the materials used to create your auto cast. Afterward, Southern Core Recycling can take the processed aluminum, iron, or other material used in your auto cast and sell it back by the pound using a computerized scale.

As the leading Auto Supplier in Texas, Southern Core Recycling prides itself on high quality work with a quick turnaround, all for market values. Southern Core Recycling uses state of the art equipment to ensure that your cleaned auto cast will be processed in an environmentally sustainable way, as quickly as possible.

Southern Core Recycling knows that sometimes simple convenience can make or break a business. And Southern Core Recycling knows that it wouldn’t be the leading Auto Cast Supplier in Texas without offering amenities that work for you. That’s why Southern Core Recycling offers 24 hour a day support, complete with optional pick up of your vehicle if you can’t drive or tow the car to their offices yourself.

The company even offers high volume metal containers for industrial accounts, delivered to your doorstep for use. This means that your company can dispose of and recycle huge amounts of scrap metal, auto casts, and a whole host of various metals in bulk.

With over 75 years of combined experience, Southern Core Recycling is the premier auto cast supplier in Texas. That experience is evident in the management of the company from the high professionalism of its employees, to the machines utilized in auto cast processing. That’s why Southern Core Recycling is known the nation over as a high quality and high volume auto cast supplier in Texas.

If you or your company wants to dispose of your vehicle’s motor in an environmentally responsible way, Southern Core Recycling is here to help. As the leading Auto Cast Supplier in Texas, they are here to help.