About Us

Southern Core Recycling (SCR) was founded in 1989 in Houston, Texas by Becky Proler and Alan and Carol Walker. The owners have many years of experience in the automotive and scrap industry along with a solid base of customers. The company’s original model was consistent with most core companies of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Over the past 25 years, diversification has played a huge role in the growth of the company. As the core industry changed, the company evolved into a full service scrap yard that specializes in cast and aluminum from our shredder as well as all other types of ferrous and nonferrous materials.

Today, SCR is one of the nations leading providers of “Clean Cast” to companies worldwide. In 2008, the company installed a “one of the kind” super crusher. The crusher has enabled SCR to provide up to three times more product. The machine provides a cleaner, greener process while providing top quality to our consumers.

In 2012 SCR commissioned an aluminum shredder. The aluminum shred material supplies a growing number of primary and secondary aluminum smelters all over the world. The shredder produces a quality package and is environmentally sound.

The Proler/Walker group has more than 75 years of experience in the recycling industry. As owner, Becky has been involved in every facet of the business for over 20 years. Her family has been in the metal recycling industry for 3 generations. Becky monitors the condition in the metals market on a daily basis. She is SCR's national and international marketing director. Alan Walker and his family have been in the Automobile Salvage and Scrap Industry for over 50 years. His wife, Carol, and two daughters, Shari Conner and Kari Coffey, have always played an active role in the family businesses.

Southern Core Recycling is constantly working to improve the service, quality and value we offer to our customers. The company continuously invests in its employees. We believe that training and education gives each individual employee the opportunity to grow along with the company. Our families are committed to the consumers who buy our scrap from around the world, our customers who sell to us, and our employees who work so hard to make Southern Core Recycling a great company.

  • Caterpillar
  • Cummins
  • Daikin
  • Dupar Distribution
  • Fiat
  • HISD
  • Link America
  • Lufkin Industries
  • Metro Transportation
  • Magnolia ISD
  • New South Parking
  • Toyota
  • Tyler Pipe
  • UPS
  • U.S. Zinc